Calvary Baptist Tabernacle

has been serving God in our community since our founding in 1960. For the first 13 years, several pastor's served the church, but in 1973 God sent Rev. Larry Wells to be the pastor and for the next 40 years Brother Wells would lay a foundation built upon God's Son the Lord Jesus, and His Word the Bible, that the church still stands upon until this day. CBT has great appreciation and deep gratitude for Brother Wells 40 years of faithful service!

In 2013, God called Pastor Jeff Ledbetter to be our pastor. Since then, God has richly blessed the church with ministries that reach every age group, as well as much of our community. Wherever you may be in your life, God has something special for you at CBT.

This year,  God has led our pastor to challenge us with a special statement of purpose from the book of Joshua.....God's people were encouraged to go and possess the land of blessing.  This statement has become the driving theme behind every ministry at CBT. That statement is, “Let's Go Get It.” God has truly given our church a spirit of unity as we strive together to put this purpose statement into action.

When you visit CBT, you will find an enthusiastic people that believe we serve a risen Saviour. Throughout our church, people are growing closer to God, building healthy relationships, and reaching out to others. We hope you will see for yourself what God can accomplish in your life through the Calvary Baptist Tabernacle.