Adult Sunday School

Taught in our  sanctuary each Sunday morning beginning at 9:30. Today's world brings many challenges and struggles. Our Adult classes learn the solutions to today's problems while offering encouragement and hope that comes from a personal relationship with the written and living Word - Jesus Christ.

Young Couples

Your marriage will be strengthened each Sunday morning at 9:30 in our young couples class as you learn from God’s Word  proven principles for life-long and fulfilled relationships.

Individual Men and Ladies Ministries

At CBT we understand  the difficulties both men and women face and the unique care that both require.   Our society today faces a great  dilema  of the absence of godly men. Throughout the year our ministry is filled with activities for men of every age to join together in fellowship and for the purposes of Spirit strengthening and fortitude.


Ladies, regardless of your age or background, there is a place for you at CBT. As a part of our ladies group,  you will  fashion new friendships with women of like faith who experience  the same challenges of being, for example, a single mom, or a parent with a wayward child. You will find the strength  and encouragement to carry on.